Transit ‘gangster’ to forfeit part of loot

Date: 21 Feb 2019

R100 000 paid for ‘job’ to be handed to state

ONE of the alleged cash-in-transit robbers who was part of a gang which last year blew up a security vehicle, near Eeufees Road in Pretoria, will forfeit R100 000, part of the loot he had received for the “job”.

The money is the proceeds of crime and the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria ordered that it be forfeited to the state.

The state will in turn pay it back to the security company which was transporting the money in January last year. The robbers got away with about R7 million.

Part of the R100 000, as well as firearms, were retrieved at the Soshanguve home of Nathalien Mafala, and the rest at the nearby home of his mother.

The police found one of the firearms used during the heist hidden inside a stove at Mafala’s home.

He is facing charges of armed robbery with aggravating circumstances following the heist at the Eeufees offramp.

An armoured vehicle belonging to a security company was transporting cash when it was approached by three vehicles. The driver and crew were shot at by the occupants of the vehicles and forced to stop. They were pulled out of the vehicle.

The robbers placed explosives inside the truck and blew it up. Money scattered all over the highway and passers-by picked it up until they were stopped.

The cash-in-transit vehicle driver recalled how he heard shots as they approached the Groenkloof Nature Reserve. He noticed a white Audi behind them and saw the passenger in front shooting at his vehicle. Another car drove next to him and gestured at him to pull over.

The driver said the front tyre of his vehicle was blown out and, when he stopped, armed men dressed in balaclavas pulled them out of the truck.

The next moment he heard a loud bang and money was scattered over the road. The robbers grabbed the loot and disappeared towards Joburg.

The police, acting on a tip-off, went to Mafala’s home a few days later. His girlfriend told the police that when they were woken up, Mafala jumped out of bed and ran to the stove. She heard the stove door close before he ran away. The police found one of the firearms inside.

They found more firearms, bullets, a police hand radio and money on top of a closet in the bedroom.

The girlfriend said she had no idea where the money came from, but Mafala had left on the afternoon of the robbery and returned later with cash.


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