How to avoid road rage in Rosebank

Date: 12 Dec 2006
With Gautrain's construction going full steam ahead in Oxford Road, The Star shows you how to get where you want to go Oxford Road yesterday became a three-lane one-way south between Jellicoe Avenue and Glenhove Road. If you're travelling in a private vehicle, these are the routes you will now need to take: Northbound *From Oxford, turn left onto Bolton Road (now a three-lane one-way west between Oxford and Jan Smuts Avenue). *Turn right onto Sturdee Avenue (now a three-lane one-way north between Bolton and Jellicoe). *Turn right onto Jellicoe. *Turn left onto the existing Oxford Road. Southbound *No diversions. *Can alternatively take Jellicoe and Jan Smuts to city. *From Oxford. *From Cradock Avenue. *From Bath Avenue. *From Cradock. Sturdee is now a three-lane one-way north so you will need to take the following routes: Rosebank Clinic *Approach Sturdee from Baker Street (heading east) or Bolton (heading west). *Turn north into Sturdee. *Turn right into parking. Netcare Centre and Rosebank Sport Clinic *Approach Sturdee from Baker or Bolton. *Turn north into Sturdee. *Turn left into relevant parking areas. *From Tyrwhitt Avenue OR *Turn north into Sturdee after approaching from Baker Street (heading east) or Bolton (heading west). From Cradock. Plans for a different lane for buses and taxis will be implemented later. The Star 12/12/06