A bit of lying here, a bit of lying there in Klay-Els trial

Date: 10 Nov 2009
AFRIKAANS singer Robbie Klay has admitted that he received R10 000 from Huisgenoot magazine to divulge the name of fellow singer Jurie Els, who he claims molested him since he was 11 years old. Klay was yesterday grilled in cross-examination by Els's advocate, Danie Dorfling, about a number of discrepancies in his (Klay's) evidence in the Pretoria High Court. At times Dorfling told Klay straight out that he was lying about certain facts. Klay, in return, admitted that some of his earlier utterances to the media were not true. Klay said he at first divulged the fact that he was molested by Els to a journalist who asked him various pertinent questions in February last year. He said it was clear that the journalist knew it was Els who had molested him. Klay said he later compiled a media statement, which he sent to the journalist, in which he mentioned the name of "Uncle Jurie". "I decided to make my secret public in order to help other children," he said. According to Klay he did not want Els's name to be made public at that stage. A week later, however, he changed his mind when he was approached by Huisgenoot to do an interview. Asked why he suddenly decided to identify Els, Klay said: "It was my decision, and I did it because people had to know and because I did not want it to happen to somebody else." He was grilled about this by the defence, and Klay said he ultimately wanted to come clean. "I thought I should be honest with my fans and my daughter if something like this happened to her. Pressure from the media and from my public relations manager also made me decide to divulge the name of Jurie Els." Klay said Huisgenoot had offered him money for the story, but he declined. His public relations manager eventually persuaded him to speak to the magazine. Klay was adamant that he never agreed to take any money in return for the story. He was, however, confronted by the defence about a story in a Sunday newspaper stating that he had sold the exclusive rights to the story to Huisgenoot. It was only then that Klay admitted that Huisgenoot did pay R10 000 into his bank account and that his then fiancée used the money to pay some of their bills. The trial continues. By Zelda Venter The Star 10/11/09e1