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Division Alpha Security Services

KwaZulu-Natal , KwaZulu-Natal

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+27 (0)33 346 2027
074 179 3384
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PSIRA :   2524032

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Head Office: , 29 Trelawney Rd,, Pietermaritzburg, 3201

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29 Trelawney Rd, Pietermaritzburg, 3201

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Alarms, Armed Response, Armed Response, CCTV , Consultants, Guarding/Guards, Guards, Installer/Repairs, Investigation/Intelligence, Investigations/Intelligence/Forensics, Monitoring System, Project Management, Readers, Risk, Risk, Shops/Retailers, Solutions Provider, Supplier


DIVISION ALPHA has been in operation for the past 20 years, specializing in Institutional Guarding providing a full house service to the University of Kwazulu Natal for 15 years. We also specialize in Industrial Guarding, Commercial Guarding, Facilities Management, Event Management and Warehouse Security. We pride ourselves in our after-sales care polices, to ensure a high degree of client satisfaction. We continually re-assess existing procedures, shelve inefficiencies and implement updated protocols to protect the best interests of our clients. Leveraging on our past experiences and the vital information that we gather from our clients through risk assessments, we are then able to map out tailor-made security solutions.

At DIVISION ALPHA we are passionate about everything we do. We continually strive to ensure service excellence and consider ourselves to be a cut above the rest. We operate in a unique and professional manner to ensure consistency in our approach and service offerings. For many years, the security industry has been subjected to loop holes with loosely-managed sites. Typically, after teams are mobilized and security posts have been deployed, structure seems to slip, our task is to ensure that all our sites are strictly and professionally managed 24/7. In the event of unforeseen incidents, we act quickly to implement remedial procedures to prevent re-occurrences. We have every confidence in managing your site(s) effectively, due to our strong senior support structure which prides themselves in delivering high standards of professionalism and operational management standards.

At DIVISION ALPHA we believe in building partnerships with our clients rather than being "just another" security provider. Should you require any further information or clarity, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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We Can Also Supply the followinL

  • CCTV Operators.
  • Site Managers
  • Investigators
  • Dog handlers
  • Warehouse & Loading Checkers
  • Bouncers
  • Crime Prevention
  • Car Guards


Division Alpha has worked unilaterally and collectively with our global network of resources to provide protective and technical assistance during work actions such as mass layoffs, lockouts or strikes. Some of our most frequently-requested services before and during labour issues include:

  •  Risk Assessments of physical properties, policies and procedures to identify threats,     vulnerabilities and consequences
  •  Driver Services (armed or unarmed escorts) for management or high-level execs to or from their home, place of business, plant sites, etc.
  •  Executive Protection (armed or unarmed); coverage of same individuals
  •  Asset or Site Protection including sensitive or vital facilities
  •  Strike Surveillance Teams (when and where permitted by law) which include licensed videographer and documenter services to observe and record any illicit strike activity
  •  Liaising with local law enforcement prior to and during the work action or strike
  •  Providing expert witness testimony if needed.


  •  Security Drivers
  •  Personal Bodyguards
  •  Personal Medical Officers
  •  Escort Team, of several Bodyguards
  •  Residential Security Teams, providing security for permanent residences, offices, venues & also temporary locations for holidays, high profile events, product launches and more
  •  Fully integrated VIP Protection Team, comprising of driver(s), bodyguard(s), escort officer(s), residential security officer(s) and a dedicated security contract manager if required.


  •  24/7/365 fully equipped armed response unit based in a sector
  •  24/7/365 mobile-, bicycle- and foot patrol presence and visibility
  •  Immediate response to any incident or emergency
  •  24/7/365 Operations Manager supported by 24/7/365 fully trained and equipped supervisors deployed in a sector
  •  Establishment of a Sector Safety and Security Committee amongst residents and sub- sector representatives in conjunction with Division Alpha Security who take responsibility for planning, organizing and control of all operational-, emergency- and contingency planning
  •  Monthly meetings and operational planning sessions to ensure accuracy and consistency of all security operations and crime combating strategies in the sector
  •  Close co-operation between Division Alpha Security and the SAPS
  •  2way undisrupted radio communication (community based repeaters and community radio channels) and emergency cell phone technology forms the basis of 24/7/365 communication between Division Alpha Security and all its clients in the sector
  •  Zero tolerance approach towards crime and criminal in the sector


Division Alpha provides in-house technical support and is in a position to provide new installations on Magtouch systems, Trackforce systems, alarms, access control and CCTV, as well as repairs to existing systems, additions and maintenance agreements to systems.


In-house assistance with professional, comprehensive and discreet investigations if required. Division Alpha is designed to safeguard our clients against damaging fraudulent activities. Our Professional team of investigators can help examine and find a solution to your issues through our investigative network with reputable company’s while also continuously interacting with various law enforcement agencies.


Division Alpha provides a hands on personalized service and this proves to be the key to success in managing our sites effciently.We provide an open door policy and easy access to the decision makers within the company.


Louie Nadar brings to the table more than twenty eight years (28) experience in the South African Security Industry where he worked his way up through the ranks of a National security company. Louie is involved in the day to day running of Division Alpha and his hands on approach has seen a solid foundation set. Louie is available 24/7 365 days a year to help our clients. Louie filled various positions such as -

  •  Cash in Transit
  •  Control Room Functions
  •  Investigations & Allied Operations
  •  Risk & Liability Surveys
  •  Senior Management & Client Liaison


Division Alpha has assembled a group of management and support staff, who have vast experience within the South African security industry. General meetings are held at least once a week with all management inclusive of the director of the company. A continued re-assessment of the operation is done with the objective of further increasing our efficiencies and therefore improving our service standards. All team members irrespective of grade or stature has the opportunity to meet with the director should they have any ideas, issues or uncertainties, which has resulted in trust being generated throughout the entire team.


Division Alpha has Field Managers who operate 24hrs a day 7 days a week which ensures that each site is visited at least twice in a 24hr period by a manager. These managers ensure any issues are sorted out timeously and professionally and reported directly to the director.


The security officers are managed internally according to discipline, dress code and performance and clients will have access to reports.

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Hammersdale Office: 11 Buckman Boulevard, 3599 Tel: 074 179 3384, Durban Office:L 2096 Prince McWayzen;i Drive, 4133 Tel: +27 (0)33 346 2080