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Tactical Property Surveillance


Contact Details

Phone Number:
+27 (0) 11 884 5527
+27 (0) 11 784 6721
083 309 0800
Email address:

Physical Address

20 Maude St, Sandown, Sandton, 2196

Postal Address

PO Box 781357, Sandton, 2146


CCTV , Consultants, Guarding/Guards, Guards, Installer/Repairs, Investigation/Intelligence, Investigations/Intelligence/Forensics, Risk, Risk


Tactical Property Surveillance as well as all the staff members are registered with the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).

The staff members undergo continues in-house security training in order to ensure the best possible guard at any given post. Our training program is mostly based on Observation, Profiling and Public Relations, as it is of extreme importance that security guards know how to approach, handle and communicate with the public.

All our Security staff are employed according to the following criteria:

1. Previous police or security experience
2. Service orientated and good customer/client relations
3. Fluent in English and other key languages
4. Presentable and polite
5. No criminal record (This is confirmed by PSIRA)
6. Registered with PSIRA
7. Trained and graded according to the grading criteria set by PSIRA

Some of our client include the Balalaika Hotel, Courtyard Hotel Sandton, Courtyard Hotel Rosebank, Primedia and The Bull Run Restaurant. We have recently also acquired the Israeli Trade and Economics Office, situated in Sandton.

The TPS office is situated inside the Balalaika Hotel premises, providing the best possible back up and response from the Management and the Supervisors in case of emergency or incidents, 24 hours per day.

With our individual experience combined, we have managed to adopt an employment and company policy that allows us to be an efficiently run Security Company.

Our strength is the power of observation and the ability to react before an incident occurs.

TPS is a Static Guarding company, which concentrates on placing guards in key areas, to minimize any threat of any nature. The guards are not dressed in military style uniform, but wear suits in order to reflect the up market image of an organization. As TPS specializes in the Sandton area, it is necessary for us to portray a corporate image.

All our security Officers are equipped with a two-way radio, enabling them to communicate with the Site Managers as well as the Supervisors at any given moment. All Supervisors and Site Managers are equipped with a Company cell phone. If there is a control room on a site the control room operator also has a cell phone to communicate with the Manager or Supervisor.

All our Security Officers are graded in terms of their level of skill and responsibility, as determined by PSIRA and our wages comply with the requirements as determined by the Bargaining Council.

All TPS Security Officers are dressed in full suits with a name badge, displaying his or her name and Company Name. Each Security Officer also has a Company ID card with the following information

i) Name and Surname
ii) Company Name
iii) ID number
iv) Grade


TPS has always promised to give our Clients, the best possible service 24 hours a day. The experience and knowledge the staff of TPS has gained is extremely valuable and will be utilized at any Company wanting to make use of TPS as their guarding Company.