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Capital Air Security Operations

Gauteng , Gauteng

Contact Details

Phone Number:
011 827 0335
011 827 2295
083 444 7616
Email address:

Regulatory Authority Details

PSIRA - Capital Air Security Operations:  0590593
PSIRA - Capital Air Reaction Services:  1614690
SAIDSA - Membership Number:  1298
SAIDSA - Approved Service Provider:  1411

Physical Address

Hangar 3H, Rand Airport, Germiston , 1401

Postal Address

PO Box 18009, Rand Airport , 1419, 1401


Access control Systems, Alarms, Armed Response, Armed Response, Aviation, Beams, Biometric readers (fingerprint etc), Cable & Accessories, Cameras, CCTV , Detection Equipment, Distributor, Emergency/Rescue/Recovery, Emergency/Rescue/Recovery, Fencing, Fleet Management, Garage - Motors etc, Gates, Guarding/Guards, Guards, Installer/Repairs, Intercoms, Investigation/Intelligence, Investigations/Intelligence/Forensics, Legal, Monitoring Services/Systems, Monitoring System, Motors, Perimeter protection, Risk, Risk, Shops/Retailers, Solutions Provider, Supplier, Tracking, Tracking, Vehicle & Traffic Equip, Vehicle Tracking/Management systems, Vehicle/Equipment/Systems


CAPITAL AIR has grown in size, experience and need-satisfying capabilities since its inauguration in 1988.Headed by John Vinagre,  and its associated organizations have operated successfully in the industry for over 20 years and now employs OVER 200 people.

Based at Rand Airport, Capital Air (Pty) Ltd, Capital Control Centre· (Pty) Ltd and Capital Air Security Operations (Pty) Ltd, function as one to provide a complete professional and effective inhouse service.

With the objective to offer our customers an extensive range of quality services at excellent value; simply by dialing one telephone number. It is through understanding and meeting the requirements of our customers that we have been able to consistently satisfy their changing needs; personally as well as professionally!

Our Mission

To provide a focused all-in-one service solution that transcends our customer’s needs and expectations, while reinforcing the development and empowerment of our employees.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leading all-in-one service provider whilst offering a personal touch that maintains successful long-term relationships with our valued customers.

Guarding Division

Capital Air Security Operations focuses on all types of security risk situations. To name a few, these services range from basic to specialized solutions, such as:

  • Legal advice concerning criminal investigations
  • 24-hour Road Vehicle Assistance
  • Internal Investigations
  • Security Surveys
  • Guarding Services 

Specialised Customer Services

The customer is the ultimate judge of performance.”

Capital Air believes it is essential to adopt a systematic approach to problem identification and rectification as well as careful integration.


Every employee has been carefully selected and properly trained to perform services of the highest quality. Capital Air
(Pty) Ltd. promotes the need to supervise and ensure systems and procedures are followed correctly. Supervision from management staff ensures the rapid identification of setbacks that may occur and the prompt resolution of the circumstances.


  • Through a concise infrastructure Capital Air is able to sustain low-overheads. This ensures that savings are passed on to the client and that personal as well as professional contact with top management can be maintained.
  • A pro-active approach to the changes and requirements of our clients.
  • Offer a specialized and preferred solution through consistent levels of quality service.
  • An affiliation that minimizes risk and maximizes satisfaction through ongoing, positive relationships with our valued.
  • customers (good communication; high standards; quick response; proactive attitude).


The aim of this profile is to provide a broad outline of Capital Air’s growth through the years and services offered. Capital Air (Pty) Ltd. aspires to show our great efforts to maintain consistent and a high level of efficient service. We are proud to strive for these benefits and offer solutions to our clients’ different and dynamic needs.

Control Centre

Our clients have the advantage of calling one number (011 827 0335) to activate ANY process – 24 hours a day! A qualified controller is standing by to respond and co-ordinate a solution to your specific request, offering you peace of mind and complete contentment. All controllers undergo constant weekly training to maintain Capital’s high principles and service offerings.

The control centre is a one-stop hub for all the services provided by Capital Air, Capital Air Security Operations (CASO) and Capital Air Reaction Services (CARS).

The Capital Control Centre offers an integrated, ALL-IN-ONE bureau service that includes:

  • Recovery of stolen and hijacked vehicles
  • Monitoring of a company’s base station for alarms
  • Reporting of alarms to the designated authority at the company
  • Monitoring of vehicles at intervals to be specified by the customer
  • Providing daily status reports of vehicle movements
  • Monitoring of vehicle routes

Service packages are available – let us tailor a service that suits your needs!

Reaction Services

We are proud to have the largest vehicle recovery team in South Africa as well as a cross-border capability, including highly trained teams on standby in the major metropolitan areas
and the smaller centres.

Our ground- and air-based reaction services are able to monitor, track, escort and recover a broad variety of vehicles, ranging from light motor vehicles to 18-ton trucks, and from single cars to entire fleets. We also specialize in providing secure escorts and transport for VIPs and convoys.

Our reaction services include:

  • 24-hour armed vehicle recovery and tracking
  • Armed escorts
  • Armed response
  • Anti-hijack surveillance
  • Asset protection
  • Towing service
  • Roadside assistance

5th Generation Flyers

Our passion for flying is not only in our business it is in our BLOOD.
JP Vinagre continues the legacy and completes a 5th generation of pilots in our family


Our philosophy is very simple. Most helicopter flight schools have Flight Instructors with low hours who have no real life flight experience. These schools hire inexperienced instructors at low pay in order to increase profits.

Conversely, we offer thousands of hours of actual flight time experience and stability for the same price or less. The benefits to you are obvious. Flying a helicopter is a skill that requires precision and training. When choosing a helicopter flight training school, the instructors and staff should be experienced, disciplined, and thorough.

As a result, pilots trained at Capital Air Academy develop the skills most trusted and sought-after in their field. Our focus has been to guide the future helicopter pilot on a path to career success.

Capital Air gives you the training you need and teaches you how to become a helicopter pilot prepared to work anywhere in the world. We strive to provide advanced helicopter training to discerning pilots, looking for the very best to improve their skills. Our dedication to thorough, hands-on instruction is based on the ideology that helicopter travel should be safe.

apital Air Academy operates out of a modern office complete with several ground school briefing rooms where your pre- flight briefings and lectures will be conducted.

We also offer an array of specialized training equipment and syllabi including Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot and Airline transport Pilot training, night and instrument training, Instructor training, turbine type training – single engine and twin, cargo sling ratings including long lining, mountain orientation and game capture/culling training