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Ingwenya Breeze Security Services cc

Gauteng , Gauteng

Contact Details

Phone Number:
011 794 1336
011 794 1786
0748583741 or 072 058 2138
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Regulatory Authority Details

PSIRA:  1880231
BBBEE:  Level One
Tax Compliant:  9190514175
Vat Compliant:  4270252655
PAYE:  7540772177

Physical Address

Unit A9/10 Five Star Junction, Bayers Naude and Juice Street, Honeydew

Postal Address

Unit A9/10 Five Star Junction, Bayers Naude and Juice Street, Honeydew, 2040


Armed Response, Armed Response, CCTV , Gates, Guarding/Guards, Guards, Installer/Repairs, Investigation/Intelligence, Investigations/Intelligence/Forensics, Risk, Supplier


Security Services can be very expensive and even more so if not correctly assessed and applied. With years of experience in the security industry, IBS understands the importance of gaining and retaining customer loyalty by developing partnerships founded on trust, confidentiality and integrity.

We also recognise the value of making a commitment to our staff with ongoing training programmes and the assurance of a stable employment base.

Ingwenya Breeze Security (IBS) seeks business which can only be maintained by good security practices, or good conditions of services. We do not seek work outside a given operational area. We feel confident that our continuing success within an ever-changing market is a result of our philosophy and determination to provide a responsive and professional tailor-made service at a reasonable cost. Please take time to discover how IBS may be of service to you and your organization:


• The world is caught in an economical down turn, and so is South Africa. Therefore our prices are negotiable without sacrificing the high quality of our level of service delivery. IBS considers itself to be part of the solution and is focused on delivering value for your security investment.

• South Africa has seen a consistent trend of economic growth over the last couple of years. Sustained business and infra-structural development has created numerous opportunities for small businesses that provide Security. Make IBS your first choice for value and quality security services.

• With the huge development and a high crime rate in South Africa the demand for security services can only exceed current supply. A recent market survey suggests that currently there are not enough professional BEE Security to meet the demand. IBS is uniquely positioned to supply this need.

• Ingwenya Breeze is a security company that has a high level of social conciousness. Because IBS Recruits unemployed citizens with years of experience in professional Security services, to manage Security operations, the company is able to not only deliver a quality service but also create jobs for society and ourselves.

• Ingwenya Breeze seeks to be involved in community building projects around South Africa.


Our vision

• To be a leading, innovative, exceptional and competitive organization in South Africa and other African countries by providing affordable and efficient security services 24/7.

Our Objectives

• Is to become a world class centre for the security and health services. Our goal is to be recognized as a valuable service provider that is able to keep South Africa safe.

Our Mission

• To provide outstanding customer service through long-term partnerships and maintain a culture of continuous improvement

• To ensure employee development and skill enhancement by supplying the support and training required for IBS to continue to deliver exceptional individual and team performances.

• To add maximum value to our customers through innovative work practices.

The Working Party

• Our people represent the corner stone of our business. Working in partnership with our customers, we employ innovative management practices to promote employee involvement, skills enhancement, exceptional work performance and recognition. With a policy of above average remuneration and training, we are proud to only recruit personnel of the highest calibre.


Continuous improvement, best practice development and innovation are at the heart of

our business philosophy.


We create value for our customers through long term partnerships, a passion for customer care and the willingness of our people to not take any detail for granted.


• Industrial Managers

• Manufacturing and Retail Shop Owners

• Production and Distribution Sectors

• Logistics and Supply Chain Management Providers

• Supermarket Owners

• Taxi industry and Organisations

• Hospital Managers

• Corporate Managers

• Entertainment and Sports Managers

• School Principals

• Security and Cleaning industry & Associations

• Bank Managers

• Catering industry

• Government Departments

• General public

• Law enforcement Agencies


IBS procedure requires the careful discussion of the specific needs and requirements of our clients prior to us making any proposal or provision of service. This ensures that you only pay for the services you really need.

Investment Packages

Core Investment:

• Static Security Officers   • Armed Security Officers and Armed  Response   • Access Control   • Loss Prevention with Undercover Officers   • Crime Prevention   • Public Relations   • Emergency Procedures  • General Information

Additional Investment

  • • Industrial and Residential guarding   • Commercial and Retail Security   • Events Security Management & Suppliers   • Townhouse Security and access control   • Car Park & Shopping centre security   • Escort Security Services 

Technical Services:

• 24 hr Off-site  

• CCTV monitoring  

• Electric Fencing  

• Gate and Door Automation

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