IT Hardware and Software

Company: Securitell

Type: IT Hardware/software, Communication Systems, Fibre Optics

We supply most local brands of IT Hardware and Software plus we import our own range of environmentally robust Fibre, Analogue, IP/Ethernet, Wireless & Hybrid communication transmission solutions from AMG in the UK who spcialse in industrial data transmission products and solutions with expertise in Ethernet, video and serial data to a range of demanding markets and harsh  environments. Especially for the following markets.

• Security
• Oil and Gas
• Mining
• Transport 
• Critical Infrastructure and Utilities 
• Military and Defence 
• As well as other Harsh Environments 


Whether it's designing and building a bespoke transmission system for a highly specialist application or manufacturing a complete range of ruggedised and hardened industrial Ethernet switches for the CCTV industry, understanding how to make things better is the focus of their thinking. Many of the innovations they have created as a result of solving some of the most intractable problems have led to new features and performance improvements in standard products for other markets. It is the need to find solutions to these real life situations which drives their quest for innovation.