CCTV Pan Tilt - True Day Night Speed Domes and PTZ Cameras

Company: Securitell

Type: CCTV , Surveillance systems

Please visit the links below to view some examples of our CCTV PTZ Cameras from Short Range to Extreme Long Range Day Night Industrial and Military Grade, Optical, Infrared, Laser Illuminated, Low Light and Thermal Imaging Pan Tilt Zoom CCTV Cameras. Some of the longer range cameras have enhanced Digital Image and or Gyro Stabilisation. We can also offer Auto Tracking and various filters and noise reduction options to enhance viewing  and recording. Many of these Electro Optic Cameras are also available as Mobile, Portable or Rapid Deployment Systems.  

We can supply Cooled Micro-bolometer and Military Spec. CCTV PTZ cameras some of which are subject to ITAR. (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and the EAR (Export Administration Regulations) are export control regulations run by different departments of the US Government. Both of them are designed to help ensure that defence related technology does not get into the wrong hands).

As we import quite a number of PTZ models and many of these have variations for specific requirements, we are only showing some of our model range on this page, so if you don't find what you are looking for, please fell free to contact us and if we don't have it, we will gladly find it for you.

The models shown here are Custom Built to the Customers’ Requirements.

Mobile / Portable / Rapid Deployment Systems: Cameras are marked as such, plus there are a few bits and pieces that might interest you near the bottom of the page, like our Radar Analytics, Processing and Tracking system