Covert / Spy / Mini CCTV Cameras and Recorders as well as other Covert Systems and Covert Detection Equipment

Company: Securitell

Type: Covert, CCTV , Detection Equipment

Please follow the links below to view our Covert, Spy / Mini 1, 2 & 4 Channel DVRs plus Analogue and IP Pinhole and Mini Varifocal and Fixed Focal Length Covert, Spy, CCTV Cameras.

One of the big advantages with these systems is that they can be placed at remote sites with little infrastructure and the varifocal cameras are small enough to be covert, yet they supply the same quality images of much larger cameras, plus you can adjust your viewing distance and Field of View.

The DVRs have many of the features of the larger systems and generally record at 25 Frames per Second D1 Resolution, up to 1080P Resolution per channel and generally have watermarked recorded Video. Additionally these systems can be installed in Vehicles and have GPS Tracking available as an Add-on and some units make use of 3G communication to base.