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Netcare warns public against job scams
Netcare has alerted the public to the placement of Netcare-specific career and training opportunities on social media and other informal platforms.
Identity theft surges but fraud down
IDENTITY theft has increased by more than 200 percent over the past six years.

Men between the ages of 28 and 40 are the primary targets, says Sou...
Shack dwellers voice grievances
ROCKS, burning debris and several chopped down pine trees blocked a main route to Krugersdorp yesterday.

Residents of an informal settlement in Mu...
DJ Donald Duck murder case continues
The murder trial against former Jozi fm DJ Donald Sebolai is expected to continue in the Johannesburg high court, sitting in Palm Ridge on Tuesday mor...
Arrests made after PE education protest
Schooling in the northern areas of Port Elizabeth was again yesterday disrupted by violent protests by parents and pupils.

Did you miss: Calm retu...
Teen thug opens fire in street
Outrage that 14-year-old who shot randomly is back at home
A14-YEAR-OLD youth who allegedly went on a shooting rampage in Berea on Thursday, firing n...
If you want to kill me, kill me, victim allegedly told accused
“IF YOU want to kill me, you can kill me.”

These words were repeatedly said by Dolly Tshabalala, the slain ex-girlfriend of Jozi FM DJ Donald Sebo...
Record to fast-track Daveyton cops’ trial
CELLPHONE footage taken of Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia being dragged through Daveyton’s streets could help the prosecution and defence find comm...
Woman guns down two house robbers
They tried to overpower couple in bedroom in pre-dawn attack

SHOTS rang out at 4.20am. There was shouting and chaos, ending with two robbers...
Criminals target new digital classrooms
Armed robbers tie up guards, use angle grinders to remove smartboards

JUST A FEW days before his contract was to end, security guard Boy Tsh...
Cops in the House viewed as part of Parliament’s staff
IN A bizarre statement, the National Assembly yesterday argued that the SAPS officials in the House effectively became “staff members of Parliament” –...
Prasa engineer calls it quits
PASSENGER Rail Agency of SA (Prasa) head of engineering Daniel Mtimkulu resigned yesterday before he could appear at an internal disciplinary hearing....
Family fear for dad in Egyptian prison
Eight months later, he still hasn’t been charged

AMEDICAL report of a South African man detained in an Egyptian prison for the past eight mo...
Farm murders: families protest over cops who are failing them
THREE years after her husband was brutally assaulted and then shot dead on their farm in Fochville on the West Rand, Bernadette Hall is no closer to f...